medieval romances

I have now reloaded all 13 of my medieval romances and even put up book 14 as my very first pre-release. Wearing a Mask is now set to go live on 10/14. I’ll be excited to see how that works. And there’s still 7 hours left before the BookBub ad goes live! Hurrah! Now I get an hour and 10 minutes of sleep!


Believing Your Eyes

I just loaded up fresh version of Believing Your Eyes – its BookBub ad starts in 12 hours! Woo hoo! It’s been quite the journey with this book. Four covers and quite a number of polishing runs on its content. This is perhaps the one I feel most strongly about – it portrays a heroine finding the strength to rise above a sexual assault. To forge a new path with her life.


medieval sweet romance #14

Here’s my draft of the cover for medieval sweet romance #14, Wearing A Mask. What do you think? Suggestions? Ideas? I’m going to be doing this one as a prerelease – something I never, ever do. I like to revise to the very last minute. Having a lock-out on revisions is going to emotionally traumatize me :). Still, I figure I should test it at least once.