Happy Autumn Equinox

Autumn is a season for counting our blessings. For realizing just how much we have in life where so many others are without. It can often be easy to take things for granted. Things which millions of people desperately dream of having. By pausing for a moment, and looking around with mindfulness, we can find a new center. Begin with fresh energy.

Artwork takes us on this journey of appreciating the beauty in every day. The shimmering violet of a flower’s petal. The rich glow of autumn foliage. The masterpiece of a luminous sunset.

Poetry shimmers with vision. The delicate parasol of Queen Anne’s lace. The coy flirtations of a luminous moon. The charcoal tears of raindrops in dust.

Fiction draws us in to worlds which could easily be our own. A grandmother whose memories gambol and fade. A woman who relives the fears of a long-distant past. A young man who treasures every day he has left to him.

Non-Fiction invites us into a fellow traveler’s world. A woman meets her adopted daughter for the first time. A brother comes to terms with the untimely passing of a beloved sister. A woman’s life takes a detour which strengthens her courage. A young girl survives a tragic accident and realizes she’s lucky to be alive.

We are all on this big blue marble for the fleetest of moments. A few whirls around a star and our journey is complete. There is so much to treasure in every day. There are so many fellow humans we can gently touch and lift up. If only with a smile – if only with a kind word.


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Book 8 in my zoo cozy mystery short story series

Book 8 in my zoo cozy mystery short story series is going live! This one’s set at the Tampa zoo; I visited there with my sister. The cutie is a bontebok. Next up in this series will be the trip I made with Bob and James (and James’ girlfriend) to the Capron Park Zoo in Massachusetts :). That’s where Bob took that award-winning snake photo. Hmmm … maybe the plot should feature the snake …

zoo cozy mystery series

I just finished writing book 8 in my zoo cozy mystery series. This was set at the Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa, where I went with my sister. I love the narrator for these books; she’s just finished book 6! She’s catching up! I have to stay ahead of her!

What are you guys up to tonight?

short story Cozy Mystery

I need a few eyeballs! I’m doing an editing round on my short story Cozy Mystery. If you’d like a free copy to give me feedback let me know! You don’t have to read books 1-6 first – it’s about a couple in their 50s, three 20-something girls, and a mystery they solve :). Let me know if you prefer MOBI EPUB or PDF. My narrator has already finished books 1-6 in this series and is eager to get started on it :).