Sutton mystery series

I’ve got a few more chapters buttoned up for book 5 in my Sutton mystery series. It’s pretty set through Chapter 11. Now to get some sleep. Tomorrow (later today) I hope to finish the polishes on book 4 – Dogwood Dilemmas – and get that publishing. I’ll let you know! Have a great day!

Sutton Massachusetts Mystery Book 4

I finished my “last” (hah) read-through of Sutton Massachusetts Mystery Book 4 – I’m pretty much there. I’ll send this out to the beta-readers in the morning and then it’ll be time to publish! This one is set in April 2015 so it’s good to finally get it set :). Then I have to finish the one set in Dec 2016! I aim for one a year for this series and each one is set in a different month so eventually I show what Sutton is like in all twelve months :).

Counterfeit Lighthouse

I’ve loaded Counterfeit Lighthouse up live in all major systems. It should be live shortly. Next up, I’m adding in another sub-plot or two to Dogwood Dilemmas – book 4 in my Sutton Mass Mysteries. The book was complete but too short – I want it to be 50k words at least; it’s currently 42k. So my hope is to finish that up tonight. What are you guys up to today?