Millbury Barnes & Noble

Tomorrow’s the day! Sunday, April 30th, 2017 I’m signing books at 1pm at the Millbury Barnes & Noble at the Blackstone Valley Mall in Massachusetts – come on out! Share the news! Get your books signed and I’ll give you hints about what book 5 is all about! You can check out book 1 for free –

All author’s proceeds from this series benefit local women’s shelters.

Evening meditation time

Evening meditation time. I’m editing a mind-bogglingly dense 270,000 word tome on JFK / Nixon for a friend. It’s a fascinating period in our recent history. If we think current politics are rough, just look back a few years at what was going on then. #namaste

What have you guys been up to recently? I’m hoping to be done with this by tomorrow to get back to finishing off the Destiny series.

Chartreuse – a SciFi Short Story

I just got a lovely new review on Chartreuse – a SciFi Short Story! This story is unusual for me – it’s a wholly standalone short story. SciFi as you can probably guess :). And it’s FREE! An overpopulated world. A botanist in a quiet refuge. Little does she know she’ll find …

Just don’t read the one 3-star review. The person pretty much gives away the entire plot in the review. Why in the world do people do that? I just don’t know :).

Templar Destiny

Templar Destiny – book 26 in my Time Travel Sweet Romance series – is now loading live on Amazon. It should be available Tuesday afternoon! That gives you plenty of time to read books 1-25 and catch up :). Heck, they’re short! What else are you reading right now?

Book 25 in my Destiny Time Travel SciFi series

Book 25 in my Destiny Time Travel SciFi series is loading live! It’s set in Italy during the tumultuous days of the Pope and the AntiPope. Did you know that an enclave in the 1300s voted one Pope into power, then changed its mind when that Pope wanted to reform the church’s luxurious habits and decided to elect a second Pope instead? The book will be live tomorrow. Back to finishing up book 28!