Evening meditation time

Evening meditation time. I’m working on new series where each book is a new genre. First up, a cozy dog mystery :). I already have a cozy dog series so the first one should be fairly easy :). It’ll get stranger from there! Soon there’ll be dog cyborgs and baby werewolves! #namaste

monotype printmaking

Hurrah! I just loaded my new book on monotype printmaking onto Amazon – it should be live Mon afternoon. I highly recommend giving monotype printmaking a try – it’s oodles of fun and quite relaxing. A lovely exercise in mindfulness.
What are you working on?

mystery and romance series

So happy – I just finished 2 back-to-back TV interviews for my mystery and romance series. I managed to make it work despite my flat tire. I’ll let you know when they’re live! I even brought a change of clothes so it would look as if I was interviewed on two separate occasions :). Every detail counts! The production team was awesome, they put in backgrounds to make it look as if we were talking in a diner and in an English castle.