Destiny Time Travel book 26

Just finished Destiny Time Travel book 26 set during the infamous round-up and torture of the Templar Knights. On to book 27! I adore that I can research and write about my favorite periods in history with these stories. I’ll be sad when I get to the end. It will all wrap about book 31. What are you guys working on?

Time Travel Star Crossed lovers

Free Ebook! Time Travel Star Crossed lovers desperately search in Scotland, Pompeii, Paris …

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– book 21 in this series is loading up right now! :). The whole series is free in KU.

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Book 3 in my Cinderella Series

Good morning! I just finished a marathon editing session. Book 3 in my Cinderella series should be live later tonight! Now to sleep. Have a great day, everyone!

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My first review! New Release! Sweet Romance! Cinderella learns she can save herself & deserves a Happily Ever After

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Cinderella Fairy Tale series

Finally! Amazon published book 1 in my Cinderella Fairy Tale series. I’d love your thoughts on it! Book 2, on Snow White, was already live. Book 3, on Beauty, should be going live today. My release schedule has been greatly ramped up :).

And yes, I know I spelled “commemorate” wrong in the description. It’s been part of why I’ve been checking the listing hourly to get access to it, to edit it. So far I don’t have that edit button yet since it’s still in the initial load period.

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What are you guys working on today?

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