IPPY awards

Lisa has to crank today – she needs to get 3rd Sutton mystery novel finalized by tomorrow to get into the IPPY awards. What are you up to?

… Looking for beta-readers for Cedar Conundrums – a Sutton Massachusetts Mystery. Let me know if you could glance at even the first chapter!

Last Chapter

My sleep schedule is completely upside-down, but I’m ready to start in on that last chapter. It’s a super-charged scene. There will definitely be a book 5 – this right here is heading into the mouth of the dragon. I wanted to make sure I was fresh when I tackled this! Hope you guys are doing well today :).

citizenchip second edition is live

The second edition is now available on Smashwords! Click here! I’ve redone the formatting, so hopefully this edition provides a more refined reading experience, and I’ve also taken out a few words of profanity to make it more young-adult friendly. All formats are available on Smashwords now. The second edition should appear on Nook, Apple, and other distributors shortly.

Smashwords allows “you set the price” and I’ve put the default price to $2.99, same as Amazon Kindle. If that’s too much for you, you can set the price to whatever you want (yes, including zero). If it’s free, I really would like to see a review posted on Amazon, Goodreads, or whatever is your platform of choice.